More reach through Reels

Why take part in the webinar ?

Now that Instagram has also taken over short videos from TikTok, there is currently a lot of demand and little supply! In other words, there are a lot of viewers on Reels and wengie who have been using this form of content so far.

This is your chance! Recognize trends, use trends, and not just when everyone is already doing it. It's like Nike shoes: if everyone has them, you become less attractive. So take the run with us and we'll show you exactly how!


Learn how to use Reels correctly

Our attention span isn't exactly high, so you have a few seconds to impress your viewer! You'll find out how to do this in the webinar.


Learn how to create viral content

There's nothing a creator wants more than for the content they produce to go through the XXL Project X ceiling. We'll show you how to turn your content into a flamethrower and get really hot!

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