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Work with influencers easily and securely via Leadnow.

Find and commission suitable influencers for advertising campaigns & UGC on social media and use the content exclusively for your brand.

our mission

We offer brands & agencies a data-driven advertising manager for influencer generated content to automate manual processes & finally make influencer marketing & UGC sourcing simple, secure, measurable and transparent.

Our vision

Imagine being able to automatically activate an influencer community that matches your brand for advertising campaigns and content across all social media channels.

We want to become the No. 1 point of contact for brands & agencies that want to work with influencers.

For brands & agencies that want to do influencer marketing in-house and manage their influencer community & campaigns, Leadnow offers an end-to-end online platform for the smooth and secure processing and measurement of campaigns.

David Winker
CEO of Leadnow

Brands should be able to build a multi-channel influencer community in-house cost-effectively via Leadnow and process campaigns automatically and reliably.

Teea Pehar
Branding & Marketing Communications

We want to make influencer marketing transparent through data. Companies should only pay for the reach they actually achieve.

Marc Fiebich
CTO of Leadnow

Our story


Something about us

We grew up with social media, Netflix and Spotify. We hardly use conventional media such as TV, newspapers or radio anymore!


We spend 4 hours a day on our cell phones, 2.8 hours of which are on social media


Instead of watching TV, we watch Netflix


If we watch TV, we go straight to our cell phones during the commercial breaks

Influencer marketing 

Due to media change, influencer marketing is now an integral part of the marketing mix of numerous brands!

Content Creators:


increase brand awareness, image and brand reach


ensure more website traffic, sales, registrations, leads & downloads


Produce authentic content for websites, social media & paid ads

But brands and agencies are struggling with this  

Fake followers & reach


Fake followers can be purchased for all social media platforms. Brands therefore do not know the true reach of influencers free of fakes.

Finding influencers is time-consuming


The search for suitable influencers requires a lot of effort and extensive research. On average it takes 96h/month to manage 10 influencers

Measurability of campaigns


Brands find it difficult to measure the performance of campaigns, track sales &, for example, process variable compensation easily.

our solution

for simple, secure, measurable and transparent influencer marketing & UGC sourcing

Fake Follower Check

We calculate the target group reach across each influencer free of fake followers and know the current reach of the last posts.

Campaign management system

With Leadnow you can easily find, analyze and book suitable influencers. We automatically check and analyze every post.

Tracking & payment processing

We transfer the payments to the influencers completely automatically. In addition to fixed remuneration, variable models such as sales sharing or affiliate programs are also conceivable.

“Social media platforms will disappear, others will come.”

What will remain are the users, the networking with each other and, as a result, users with high reach. This is where we will start!

– David Winker, CEO of Leadnow

Our fantastic team

We are a team from different areas with a passion for marketing, digitalization, innovation and startups!

Marc Fiebich

CTO & Managing Director

    David Winker

    CEO & Managing Director

      Simon Sauter

      Backend Developer & AI Expert

        Joschka Harmeling

        API Developer & Meta Expert
          Mica Team Leadnow

          Mica Alviola

          Influencer acquisition & sales

            Dominik Team Leadnow

            Andrea Walter

            Finance & Accounting

            Dominik Team Leadnow

            Dominik Schuster

            Influencer Research & Sales

            Teea Team Leadnow

            Teea Pehar

            Marketing Communications & Branding

              Tim Schütterle

              marketing & Distribution

                Anna Wuennenberg

                Influencer Partnership Ads

                The easiest solution for influencer marketing & UGC

                Leadnow accompanies you from the influencer search to campaign allocation to payment processing and analysis of the campaign


                Influencer niches

                Content pieces

                Access to influencers

                We are looking for you in the area:


                • Social media & influencer marketing, sales
                • Developer with PHP experience, full-stack developer

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