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Who is Leadnow and what do we do?

Influencer marketing platform – first leads, then sales

“Influencer marketing is becoming more and more important in the area of ​​digital marketing.”

That was before! Nowadays, advertising through influencers or content creators on the Internet on blogs, vlogs, YouTube and social media channels is indispensable. Influencer marketing is even considered THE marketing tool in the field of digital marketing. Or: what other form of advertising on the Internet manages to reach the audience as emotionally and personally as influencers can?

Leadnow enables you to place advertising orders with suitable influencers through our data-based mediation platform and thereby reach the relevant target group for your product or service.

In order to find the right influencer with the right target group, Leadnow uses a matching algorithm. This means that not only the characteristics of the influencer himself, but also all the data of his followers are taken into account. We also take over the complete management of the advertising campaign, as well as the creation of tracking reports after the campaigns.

Am I right here?

If you run influencer marketing campaigns for a brand or agency, want to build an influencer community or have already built one and now want to manage it, you have come to the right place.

We deliver exclusive KPIs for every influencer through our digital influencer media kits. The potential quality target group reach per influencer is automatically calculated in coordination with the company's target group.

Our Leadnow Best Fit Score suggests the influencers who best suit the company and product. Book the influencers directly via our platform!

Advertising orders & process

What are advertising orders?

Through advertising orders, brands have the opportunity to reach the relevant target group through influencers. Depending on how the advertising campaign is designed, different marketing goals can be achieved through advertising with influencers.

conversion rate can be increased and, as a result, sales can be increased or more user numbers can be generated for apps, software or web app applications. In addition, brands can increase brand awareness In addition, your own social media channels can be pushed, higher traffic on your website or more leads can be achieved. The advantage is that user behavior can be measured in the online world.

Leadnow provides the results and the most important key figures for each advertising campaign in a tracking report in the company dashboard.

How do I award advertising contracts to influencers?

In order to award advertising orders to influencers, you can register as a company on our platform. As soon as you have created your account, you can get started.

Are long-term collaborations with influencers possible via Leadnow?

Yes. Basically, the company decides how long it wants the cooperation to last. Most of the time these are collaborations with a term of 3 months or more.

However, there can also be short-term collaborations and one-off collaborations.

The longer an influencer tells the community about a product or service, the higher the chances of success. We therefore recommend longer-term collaborations.


Do you pass on my data to third parties?

The protection of personal data is important to us. We only pass on data to those cooperation partners with whom the brand works or would like to work together.

More information can be found in our  data protection declaration .

Costs & payment of influencers

Does registering with Leadnow cost anything?

Leadnow offers different service packages depending on the scope of functions. See Service & Prices .

We do not charge the client any agency fees. This means companies pay the creator & the monthly license fee.  

How much is the service fee?

We do not require any mark-up on the creator's offer to the brand. 

The brand only pays the influencer.

For each successful placement, Leadnow retains 17% plus VAT of the agreed remuneration as a service fee for the placement of the influencer and processes the order.

How does the shipping of the product work?

After orders have been awarded to influencers, the brand receives all relevant information for delivering the products to the influencers. The company bears the shipping costs.

How does payment work?

The brand has the opportunity to view and approve the influencers' published posts clearly in one place. Only services provided by influencers in the form of advertising posts will be billed.  

Are there also niche influencers at Leadnow?

Basically, we have the opportunity to provide influencers from many different areas with advertising orders. You are welcome to inquire and we will be happy to check the number of relevant influencers for you.


Can I get help with content creation?

We would be happy to advise you on your influencer campaigns. So that we can tailor the campaign to your marketing goals, please send us an email or just give us a call. We are happy to be there for you at any time!


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We are happy to help you every step of the way. You can get help directly through Leadnow tutorials. You are also welcome to contact us at any time. We're here for you!

Do you have any further questions?

Our team is happy to help you at any time. Click on the button now & write to us!

Do you have any further questions?

Click on the button now & write to us!