Link Leadnow with Instagram and create DigiKit

This is how you become a quality influencer for brands

In order for you as an influencer to receive advertising deals from Leadnow, you must link your Instagram account with Leadnow. This allows us to create your personal DigiKit – digital social media kit and take care of tracking and reporting according to campaigns.

You can find out what you have to do now in this video.

Step by step instructions

How do I link my Instagram account with Leadnow and use it to create the DigiKit?

3 steps?

1. Set up a creator account on Instagram

A creator account is for influencers who want to get more out of their Instagram. To set up such a creator account, go to the top right

Instagram -> “Settings” -> “Account” -> “Switch to professional account”, select this option.

Now you can specify a “ suitable category ” that suits you. If you do not want this selected category to be displayed publicly, you have the option to turn off the publication.

Choose the category that suits you and click “ done ”. Most of the time, an error message appears for security reasons. Therefore, always click on “ done again .

Then select “ Creator ” and then click on the “ x ” in the top right, as the 4 steps do not need to be carried out.

Now update Instagram and lo and behold, the first step has been taken.

2. Create a Facebook page and link it to Instagram

In the second step you have to link your Facebook account with Instagram. Don't have Facebook? No problem! Just go up

Instagram -> “round profile picture” -> “edit profile” -> profile information: “page” -> create Facebook page (top option)

Now you have to follow the instructions and always confirm . If requested, enter your Facebook login information so that you can give Instagram access to Facebook.

Once everything is done, click Done and then return to the feed to refresh .

Great, you've done step 2! Now all that's left is step 3.

3. Linking to Leadnow

Almost there! Now all you have to do is log in with your login details . Then go to the top right dashboard

Settings (profile) -> “Create DigitKit” or “ Link social media” -> Instagram: “Continue with Facebook”

After logging in with Facebook, do the following:

Instagram Account ” -> “ continue

Facebook page ” -> “ continue

Select all ” -> “ continue

Wait a moment, click “ ok ” and you’re done, you’ve done it!

Congratulations! We are happy to have you on board.

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