Application for marketing campaign accepted, now what?

Yay, your application was accepted and you received the cooperation deal. How does the campaign implementation work?

1. Postplan overview

After your application is accepted, you'll see everything you need to know to run the campaign on your dashboard. So that you can keep track of when which post should be made for which brand, you can simply take a look at the calendar in the dashboard. There is also a list view that allows you to see when which post is due for which brand on which day each week.

Be sure to stick to the dates!

2. View briefing and publish post

The day of the post is coming up. Read the briefing again in the dashboard (campaign content) and find out what you should do (dos) and what you shouldn't do (don'ts).

You can also simply copy hashtags, discount codes for your community and the links for a swipe-up or the link for the bio from the dashboard and paste them into the post. Please note the following if you still have under 10k followers (and cannot incorporate swipe-ups in stories): In this case, simply put the link in your profile/bio and mention the link in your story.

We want you to remain as flexible as possible. This way you can simply be yourself and appear authentic to your followers. Nevertheless, you should stick to the few guidelines.

3. Submit proof and you're done

The post in the feed or story has been completed, now what? After each published post, proof must be submitted to our dashboard. This allows us to provide the brand with all the necessary information and track the campaign. This makes reporting after campaigns much easier for you, because: Post submitted means you're done and can take care of your community and other upcoming campaigns.

Please note the following when submitting proof:

Feed posts: Simply select the feed post that was made for the campaign in the dashboard.

Story posts: Immediately after uploading all story sequences for the campaign, simply click on the “Submit Evidence” button in the Leadnow dashboard, then select all sequences that relate to the advertising post and then confirm submission. Complete.

It can happen that quickly.

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