The perfect Instagram bio

How to create the perfect Insta Bio

The majority of companies as we know them today use social networks for promotional purposes - they are easy to use for the end user and at the same time offer a very wide reach. For example, influencers prefer to use platforms like Instagram, a tool that is ideal for self-marketing - as long as you do it right.

1. Transparency

This article aims to explain how it is possible to convey a professional image to the outside world through small changes in the profile biography on Instagram. First of all, attention should be paid to ensuring that every external visitor always finds exactly what they accessed the profile for at first glance. As with food, the eye eats too. A certain structure is the be-all and end-all of every Instagram biography. For this it is advisable to work with paragraphs. Some people may have already noticed that paragraphs cannot be inserted in the Instagram app. We therefore recommend that you always make modifications in the bio on a computer.

2. Creator Account

It's easiest for someone potentially interested in collaborating if they can easily tell who you are. Instagram itself offers the opportunity to note who you are directly under your name (e.g. “public figure”). Use this opportunity to leave the impression you want to create in advance.

3. Categories

Regardless of this function, you can mention further down in the actual biography which industry you are involved in (e.g. travel, fitness, health, hiking, etc.).

4. Location

Many companies are only based in certain locations and are not (yet) represented internationally. It goes without saying that in this case it is advisable to work with an influencer who is also within a certain area of ​​the company. Therefore, you should always specify your current location.

5. Contact information

Of course, information about your accessibility should be as simple as possible, because no one likes to wade through formalities. Instagram's button function is ideal for this purpose, with which you can add a contact or DM (direct message) button to share your email address with a click. You can convey a certain level of professionalism with a link for your management; this implies competent support and arouses additional interest.

Combined with a touch of authenticity, you are already very well positioned. It is obvious that you can't do much with the profile name abbreviations known from Instagram if you want to find out who is behind the person described.

6. Names

It looks much more authentic if you include your full name in your bio. On the one hand, this simplifies the salutation when communicating and, on the other hand, it confirms the originality of your person, in short: the authenticity factor increases.

7. Icons & Emojis

Last but not least, the visual design of your bio. Information, contact details and hobbies may all be extremely interesting and important, but it is of no use if the eye first has to find its way around the text. It's not for nothing that people say that a picture is (sometimes) like a thousand words. Imagine if a vacation were summarized in a three-page essay instead of a few dozen pictures - hard to imagine. Our brain processes information much more effectively when it can combine it with an image.

The tool of our choice here are the well-known emojis. They do help, but the rule still applies: as little as possible and as much as necessary. We recommend a new emoji for each new paragraph to match the topic being discussed. In this case, these replace the usual bullet points. Examples would be a pin for your current location, a stack of books for your current studies or an envelope for your email address.

In any case, we wish you much success in implementing your goals and are pleased to have helped you. We are of course very happy to receive any feedback - don't hesitate to write to us!

A good bio could look like this:

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