Transparency and security in influencer marketing

Security and transparency in influencer marketing: Leadnow makes it possible.

Influencer marketing can bring certain risks in the eyes of every brand manager. It certainly happens that influencers make a certain impression with their number of followers, but these days who knows whether this data is trustworthy? What is behind the number of followers? In addition, there is usually an agreement between the brands and influencers based on trust. It is questionable whether the posts and stories are carried out the way the brands want them to be.

We have often thought about the topic of security in online marketing and especially in influencer marketing. It has always been important to us that our platform can offer the long-awaited security and transparency for collaboration between brands and influencers. Leadnow is a platform that enables secure and transparent influencer marketing. And we show how:

Prevent fraud on Leadnow

At Leadnow we enable you as a brand to have fraud-free influencer marketing, starting with your influencers’ social media kits. Have you ever wondered whether the data on influencers' social media kits and insight screenshots is current and accurate? So that the influencers' insight information is not out of date or could it even be incorrect information? On our website for influencer marketing campaigns, we calculate the target group reach free of fake followers of your influencers and create media kits with trustworthy data that comes directly from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. We not only enable you to easily search and find influencers, but also offer you direct comparison based on trustworthy data such as the number of fake followers, the unique reach numbers of the last feed or story posts or the engagement rate for each post.

Now you have decided on your influencers, but want to know whether they are really trustworthy? Safety is our top priority. We at Leadnow therefore carry out an identity check with every influencer so that brands only work with verified creators. Our influencers therefore receive a verification status, which is checked again before each payout. We also work in accordance with the GDPR. We have the influencers' consent for content creation via the terms and conditions, so no further contracts need to be signed. We are also legally protected with our Facebook license.

Secure payment processing in influencer marketing

Are you wondering how exactly payment processing takes place on Leadnow? At Leadnow we offer you automated payouts to your influencers. As a brand, you have an escrow account on our platform. We keep the money here until all of your brand ambassadors have provided their content. After checking the identity of the influencer, we automatically release secure payment. We create the influencers' invoices automatically so that they can be viewed and downloaded directly in the Leadnow dashboard. You save yourself the hassle of email contact and the hassle of organizing and checking incoming invoices.

Of course, we also offer various payment models. If your Brand Ambassador is paid based on a revenue share, we will track this for you and reward you as soon as this is achieved. As a brand, we enable you to incentivize influencers with fixed or variable remuneration.

Know the real reach of influencers – now on Leadnow

Security and transparency in influencer marketing are playing an increasingly important role. We at Leadnow support you in this. Activate your influencer marketing campaigns now securely and automatically via Leadnow. Register here.

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