Tips for influencer marketing

Tips for successful collaboration with influencers

1. Clear briefings

When working with professional bloggers, it is important to give clear briefings with detailed posting guidelines. Of course, you should make sure to give your brand ambassadors individual creative freedom for the content. Nevertheless, the company should clearly define in advance what should definitely be communicated in connection with the brand.

2. Benefits & feelings of experience

For the corresponding articles and story posts, you should think about a clear strategy for working with your influencers in advance of the breefing. Important here: Make your content strategy less product-focused and instead concentrate on communicating benefits, services, feelings and experiences.

3. Authenticity comes before the number of followers

What is essential when selecting the right influencers is the individual brand fit of the profile to your brand. You can find this out, for example, on our platform using the best fit score. So you should pay more attention to choosing influencers who fit well with your brand due to their feed and content orientation instead of only paying attention to hard KPIs such as reach and follower numbers.

4. Good relationship management

Relationship management is essential for long-term and sustainable collaborations with high-quality influencers. As a company, you should therefore strive to always maintain an intensive and, above all, personal relationship with your brand ambassadors. Small giveaways and presents for special events and occasions such as birthdays are just as important as interpersonal communication.

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