Three reasons for user-generated content

UGC - User generated content

What exactly is User Generated Content (UGC)?

UGC means that users, such as customers or fans of a brand, publish their own content online. Because the content comes directly from consumers, it appears more authentic and less promotional.  

This consumer-generated content can also be used as a strategic brand management tool. For example, companies can specifically ask users to create content for their brand.

Why is UGC actually so popular?

User-generated content is now on everyone’s lips. And there are reasons for that too. The idea of ​​people voluntarily producing content for a brand is great. Of course it's not quite that simple. Because finding these people is becoming increasingly difficult. But for a few euros, some creators can be inspired to do so.

Why is it worth investing in user generated content?

Here are our three reasons why we believe in UGC:

First: People are simply more credible than brands. When it comes to other people, we trust you much more. Why? Because we know that they don't live perfect lives and can make mistakes - just like us. That somehow makes them more real and believable to us.

Second: User-generated content is unfiltered and therefore honest. If you look at the Instagram feeds of top influencers, you'll notice that they often look flawless. Her pictures are perfectly exposed and her outfits fit perfectly. But that’s not the reality – at least not for the majority of us. And that's exactly what we like about UGC: it's unfiltered and shows people as they really are. Not perfect, but real.

Third: User-generated content is personal and touches us emotionally. When we see something that someone else has done or experienced, we can identify with it and therefore feel connected to the person. This is something brands cannot do alone. They may try to touch us emotionally, but at the end of the day it's still advertising - something we always question and view with skepticism.

So UGC is more authentic than other forms of content, but difficult to find.

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