Reporting in influencer marketing

Measuring the success of an influencer advertising campaign



Success in influencer marketing or social media marketing is measured via so-called reporting. In reporting, the success of a campaign or cooperation is measured using special KPIs (=Key Performance Indicators).

Relevant KPIs for evaluation after an advertising campaign

But how do I find out whether my campaign actually achieved the desired success? Reporting using KPIs comes into play when evaluating the advertising campaign.

Reach & Impressions

A central key figure is the reach of the individual advertising campaign, also known as reach. The reach provides information about how many users have seen the content. If an influencer's Instagram story was seen by 12,500 users, the reach is also 12,500.

The reach should not be confused with the impressions. The number of impressions indicates how often a post or story has been viewed in total. So if 12,500 users look at the post and there are users who view the same post several times, the number of views could reach 20,000. This means that on average one person viewed the post 1.6 times. The higher this frequency, the better the content was because people viewed the same post multiple times.

Left clicks & CPC/CPL

The CPC value or “cost per click” provides information about the price that a click on an ad costs. Average CPC values ​​are therefore very helpful for cost tracking as part of a social media campaign. This allows a company to carry out very precise budget planning for the campaign, as the campaign costs are measured based on how often the advertising medium, i.e. the ad, was clicked on.

In contrast to this, the CPL, i.e. the costs per lead, must also be taken into account. This is the cost per qualified customer contact, such as a website registration via a swipe-up link.

Engagement rate

You should also look at the engagement rate of the advertising campaign. This provides a statement about how strongly the community interacts with the influencer itself, i.e. likes posts, comments, shares, etc. Side note: A committed community is usually more promising for campaign success than a large community.

Conversion rate

Also not to be neglected is the so-called conversion rate. It shows the customer how many positive interactions resulted from the cooperation with the influencer. This includes direct product purchases in the web shop as well as registrations and newsletter subscriptions.

Other possible KPIs include backlinks or tags.

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