Is influencer marketing the best form of digital marketing?

The Best Form of Digital Marketing?

Due to digital networking, our communication behavior has changed enormously in recent years. Because every day you and I spend more than an average of 2 hours and 18 minutes on social media platforms and the trend is increasing. Whether Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitch. What all of these social network platforms have in common is that people can network online with friends, acquaintances, relatives or role models and learn something about each other's lives.

Anyone who can get a lot of people excited about their profile through good content will, in a sense, become a role model for these followers in very different areas and in very different ways. For example, you are motivated to do sports, build your own business or cook delicious and healthy food, you are entertained with really funny videos or you simply find out what the other person did in the evening. You live at a distance but are still connected in a way that allows you to participate in each other's lives.

And now your company comes into play. If your company now works with an influencer, a lot of people can be reached, depending on the influencer's reach. An influencer can therefore be understood as a kind of short-term brand ambassador who presents your product or service to his community in an emotional way. And best of all: Influencer marketing as a form of digital marketing makes it possible to measure the success of the advertising campaign because everything takes place online.

Leadnow helps you build an influencer community that matches your brand, where the target group of followers matches that of your product or service. You then select the best influencers for your company who also want to work with your company and we handle the advertising campaign via our data-driven platform. During the campaigns you have the opportunity to get in touch with the influencer via our integrated chat and coordinate details. After the campaign, you can view all of the influencers' advertising posts in one place and compare the performance of the influencers with each other using important KPIs and a reporting report.

Anyone who performs well has the potential to become a brand ambassador for your company through long-term follow-up orders.

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