Opt-in data about influencers for email marketing

opt-in data about influencers for email marketing

In this article you will find out how a brand collects opt-in data about influencers from potential customers in order to fill the mail lists for email marketing.

Unfortunately, we continue to observe that many marketing managers interpret influencer marketing too conservatively in 2021.
Conservative and influencer marketing – terms that don’t really go together at first glance. After all, influencer marketing is propagated by social media advocates as the new marketing channel par excellence. However, even the best channel can become a cost trap if used incorrectly. We receive statements like “I don’t pay top dollar for posting colorful pictures” on a regular basis.

That's why it's extremely important to first set a specific campaign goal for an influencer marketing campaign. This could mean, for example, increasing direct sales, website traffic or lead generation. In this article I would like to focus on the latter – lead generation for future email or SMS campaigns. I would like to share three campaign ideas with you. They show how influencers can be used specifically to generate opt-in contacts:


Gamifications require a certain amount of programming effort or the integration of plug-ins into common shop systems. However, they playfully increase the engagement rates enormously and fill the email lists in the process. The idea is to offer a small game that requires you to enter contact details in advance. The link to the game can then be shared by influencers. In addition to wheels of fortune, there are also z. E.g. level advancements are also common means. It is important that the interested party receives a benefit after the game. For example, it can be a discount code or, in the case of a subscription, a first free delivery or a free trial month. Influencers in particular can create great storytelling through the game.

Giveaway campaigns

Giveaway campaigns can be used universally and are versatile.
Depending on the average shopping cart value and the product being advertised, there are two types of goodies: those that are raffled off regardless of the purchase of other products and those that require the purchase of another product. In the first case, users should be encouraged to leave the desired contact details in order to determine the winner. The second method ideally increases sales figures, which is also accompanied by the acquisition of customer data! In any case, influencers can generate contacts through such giveaway campaigns, which then end up in the email marketing list with an opt-in.

Discount codes

Discount codes are often linked directly in the influencer's bio and can be used there directly without any further incentive.
However, the codes often have much more potential. Depending on the popularity of the products being advertised and the amount of savings, simply receiving the code can be linked to entering contact details (e.g. after clicking on the link sticker). The newly created opt-in lead must first leave their opt-in data in order to receive the discount code. This also means that influencers fill the email lists using discount codes. In our opinion, influencer marketing is much more than just posting colorful pictures – it just depends on how you use it!

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