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In the wide world of social media business, both influencers and companies are still partly in unknown territory. It's not just the advertising labeling regulations that pose complex pitfalls, even for experienced influencers. In this article you'll find out which mistakes you as an influencer should definitely avoid.

1. Quantity instead of quality

When choosing your cooperation partners, the following should always apply: quality rather than quantity. If you promote too many different products or services on your account, not only can your community become annoyed by the constant advertising, but it can also make you seem inauthentic.

2. Focus on reach rather than engagement

If you only focus on your growing follower numbers, you may lose sight of the far more important KPIs that have a high level of significance about your engagement.

3. Inconcrete briefings or poor implementation

If your content or your advertised collaborations completely miss your target group, this can often be due to a misunderstood or poorly implemented briefing on the part of the customer. If you are unsure about the briefing, it is better to consult again.

4. Campaign tracking that is too inaccurate

Reporting in influencer marketing is essential for the constant improvement of your content and your collaborations. If you and your customers do not track the campaign success in enough detail and evaluate it after the campaign, you could lose valuable lessons learned for the mutual improvement of your social media business.

5. Not enough community interaction

Two-way communication is highly relevant for building and maintaining a stable community and loyal following. Private replies to your followers' story reactions or small giveaways and raffles for particularly loyal followers reduce the risk of your followers feeling neglected and possibly turning away from you.

6. False advertising labeling

In 2020 in particular, the topic of advertising labeling was hotly debated on social media, but especially on Instagram. The wrong or inadequate one. Labeling corresponding advertising content on your channel can not only cost you your cooperation, but also the trust of your followers.

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